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We eliminate the headache and get you the best deal - it's a win-win.

As a Finance Broker, we act as an agent between you and 25+ lenders who are all fighting to win your business. We advise you, we structure the loan, prepare the documents, and negotiate with the lenders, ensuring you get the best car finance available.

1. Provide us your details, grab a latte.

How it works - Circle Check First we discuss your finance objectives, whether for a car, a boat, a business fit-out, commercial property, an investment property or something else, we have a whole team ready to engineer your deal.

How it works - Circle Check To eliminate paperwork and speed up the process you can provide all your details online by Clicking Here.

How it works - Circle Check Or you can go straight to our calendar to Book In A Time and we can do the fact find over the phone or face to face.

How it works - Circle Check Then we begin the legwork while you're sipping on lattes at the beach.



2. We analyse & advise, you select a product
How it works - Circle Check We then assess your position and work out exactly which lenders are going to be best suited for what you need.
How it works - Circle Check This is much better than you having to go bank hopping in hopes that the bank that says "Yes" will actually be the best deal on the market.
How it works - Circle Check We'll exact your borrowing capacity, determine rates and repayments, work out feasibility. The choice is yours but we won't hesitate to suggest which lender and product we think is best.
How it works - Circle Check At this point we'd also ensure the loan is properly structured for tax effectiveness, negotiate with the bank the best possible deal, and begin packaging up the application.

3. Gather docs, submit app, battle the banks
How it works - Circle Check Then we lodge the application to the lender on your behalf.
How it works - Circle Check This is about where the fun part kicks in for us.
How it works - Circle Check Dealing with the banks is usually no walk in the park; however, this is the path we've chosen and will happily liaise with the lender to see your application go from submission all the way through to settlement.
How it works - Circle Check Once we know what sort of finance you're after we can advise on a realistic time frame for approval. More than likely be prepared for it not to happen over night.

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4. Follow-up through to approval, party.
How it works - Circle Check Finally, we'll liaise with the lender to make sure all documents are sent out and signed.
How it works - Circle Check Then it's approved, you sign the dotted line, and your acquisition is funded.
How it works - Circle Check Whether it be a car, jet-skis, property, office fit-out, etc, this is where we all celebrate and maybe throw a party if the timing is right.
How it works - Circle Check Our promise to you - To educate you, to prepare you, to advise you, to be honest with you and to relentlessly update you every step of the way.

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We expected you'd have more questions. Check out our frequently asked questions page and you should find what you're looking for and if not, send us an email and we'll get back to you within the hour. That's right one hour. You'll soon find out efficiency is our forte.


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