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Get the best financing available without the leg work. We have helped hundreds of Australians save thousands of dollars on their car loan. As a finance broker, we act as an agent between you and 25+ lenders who are fighting to win your business. We advise, prepare, and negotiate with all these lenders ensuring you get the best car finance available. This means you save more because we compare more.

Why Choose Us

Quick Approval, Easy Process
We will guide you through this ever growing complex pre-approval and application process, helping you achieve your property or business dreams much easier and in much less time. Efficiency and speed is our forte, you'll see.
Access To 45+ Lenders
Not only do we deal with all the major banks and 2nd tier lenders but also a number of building societies, credit unions and specialised lenders that offer discounted rates and have flexible credit policies that other brokers don't even know exist.
Our Customers Love Us
Just check out our online reviews. We've helped countless people get into their first home even when they thought there was no way, or save thousands on their repayments, or secure that new business loan just in time. It's safe to say, we care.
We Welcome Complexity
We take pride in assisting clients who have unusual circumstances or just want extra attention. Where other brokers have failed, we regularly get the approval across the line. Plus, we can negotiate discounted interest rates not publicly advertised.

A Consumer Car Loan is suitable for people who are buying a vehicle in their personal name and if the car is not used predominantly for business purposes. This is different to a personal loan as a personal loan is not secured to anything therefore the interest rate tends to be higher.

Financial Engineers car loans are all secured and therefore offer a lower rate of interest since the vehicle is used as security for the loan.  Typically you’ll choose a term between 2 and 5 years.

Financial Engineers is one of Australia’s trusted and fastest growing car loan brokers. We’ve helped hundreds of people get the lowest car loan rates so they save even more.

This is the most popular car loan for people in business.

A chattel mortgage is a business finance product where the customer owns the vehicle at the time of purchase. The financier takes a mortgage over the vehicle as security for the loan. Once the payments are completed, the mortgage is removed and the title to the car belongs to the customer.

A Chattel Mortgage will suit someone who will use the purchased vehicle over 50% of the time for business purposes. This product is mainly used by a company, sole trader, trust, ABN holders or partnerships.

Save on tax, preserve cash flow and experience the freedom to do more. We give you expert advice so you can get into a car quicker.

A Hire Purchase is when a lender will agree to purchase the car on your behalf and hire it out for an agreed period of time with a fixed monthly payment. The interest rate remains the same for the period of the agreement. The customer is responsible for all the costs associated with the vehicle including registration, insurance and maintenance.

Hire purchase will suit a customer who will use the car predominantly for business purposes. It is used mainly by companies, sole traders, trusts, ABN holders and people who receive a vehicle allowance.

With so many options available, it can sometimes be a bit confusing. Financial Engineers can help you make the right decision for your situation and take the pressure off. Our experienced brokers have access to the best finance products and rates. We connect you with banks and lenders specialising in hire purchases so you can structure liabilities your way.

A Car lease is a business product which allows you to have the use of a car or commercial vehicle while the lender retains ownership of the vehicle for the term of the lease. The lease term can vary from 2 to 5 years. At the end of the agreement, the customer can pay a final instalment and own the car. There is also the option of trading for another vehicle or refinance the residual balloon amount and continue leasing.

The customer can opt to have a larger residual payment at the end of the lease, thus reducing the monthly rent or lease payments. The monthly payments are fixed and all the costs are known in advance. Monthly payments can be made in advance, which can be useful at tax time.

A Lease would suit a company, sole trader or partnership and individuals who use the vehicle to generate an income. Come to us and we’ll put together a leasing package that suits your budget and preferences. Choose from Australia’s best leasing deals.

Also known as salary sacrificing, Financial Engineers can help you and your employer put together a novated lease package with ease.

A novated lease is an agreement between an employer, employee and finance institution. It is a very cost effective way of owning a vehicle. There are substantial tax benefits because the costs of the loan, all the associated costs of the car including maintenance and fuel can be deducted from your pre tax income, leaving you with substantially more disposable income.

Once you have chosen a vehicle, Financial Engineers will liaise between you, the finance provider and your employer. We will save you time and money by arranging everything, making the whole process simple and easy.

Save on tax and gain all the benefits of a company car.

Bad credit? No worries. We pride ourselves on finding solutions and delivering results, getting you approved and at the same time helping you fix up your credit rating.


We understand, you’re busy running a business. That’s why we handle everything so you can focus on your business. You will have a personal and dedicated finance manager who will be available at any time of the day to assist with all your finance needs.
Consider us your personal bankeR… for all the banks. 

How it works in 4 steps…

We’ll give you a breakdown of the costs and repayments. We just need to know details of the car or equipment you want to finance, your employment situation, previous credit history, amount of finance needed, deposit, etc,
We do this for you. We’ll give you a call and make sure we’ve got all the details we need. Then we submit the application to your lender of choice on your behalf.
Then we request the invoice from the dealer on your behalf and seek final approval from the lender. When your application is approved we’ll send through the contracts to be signed.
Leave the rest with us. We’ll get the money from your lender to your dealer often within 24 hours of you signing your loan agreement. You’ll be picking up the vehicle/equipment in no time.


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