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Welcome to the first finance brokerage firm in Australia owned and operated by former engineers. Specialising in asset finance, plant & equipment finance, home loans, and commercial loans. Our mortgage brokers and asset finance brokers cater to all areas of Sydney Region. We're here to help you make smarter financial decisions and eliminate the headache throughout that process.

Our online application is asking virtually everything needed to submit an application to a bank, therefore, you only have to type your information once and you'll never have to tell us again. For now this is as easy as it gets. The advantages... 1. You can do it from home. 2 Provide the info on your own timing. 3 Help straight out the gates and get your deal settled quicker.

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We expected you'd have more questions. Check out our frequently asked questions page and you should find what you're looking for and if not, send us an email and we'll get back to you within the hour. That's right one hour. You'll soon find out efficiency is our forte.

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Ready to submit an application through us? You're at the right place. Our method means less time out of your day on paperwork and less of us drilling you with questions. Overall, it allows for more efficiency, and us engineers can't get enough efficiency.

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Our Story...

Founded by an ex-naval architect and marine engineer, you're now looking at a financial services company built and operated by former engineers.

Our mission is simple - use our knowledge and discipline to help every Australian make smarter financial decisions. Engineers, more often than not, are known for being thorough, hardworking, analytical, and extremely efficient. As ex-engineers we now get to apply those qualities into our work as mortgage brokers, equipment finance brokers, and commercial brokers, all in hopes that you'll be so impressed you'd feel compelled to tell your friends and family about us. Whether it's finance for an investment property, an owner occupied property, or you need commercial finance, business finance, car finance, or many other types of finance, no need is too big or too small for Financial Engineers.

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