SMSF Finance. Things you should probably know...


Speak to a financial adviser. The first step should be to speak to a financial adviser about whether this strategy would suit your investment goals, timeframe and feelings about risk. If you don't have a financial adviser to speak with, we can arrange a simple and painless conversation with one of our trusted partners at no cost to you simply Drop Us A Line.

Not all lenders are suitable. It's important to speak to us about which lenders will have a suitable product for you and your situation. Not all lenders products are cut from the same clothe. So we can advise on exactly how much you can borrow, which lender is best, and how the loan should be setup, feel free to Drop us a line and we can setup an obligation free consultation over the phone or face to face to discuss your situation.


SMSFs can now borrow money to buy property. Generally, people have always been able to buy property through self-managed super funds, however, in the past few years regulations have changed allowing SMSFs to borrow money to do so. This can be a great way to build wealth and fund retirement in a way that investing into shares or cash savings can't achieve on their own.

How much you can borrow. In the current market conditions, lenders will generally allow SMSFs to borrow around 70-80 per cent of the property value depending on whether it's commercial or residential. The amount the bank is comfortable lending to you will be based on a number of factors ie, rental income, super contributions, property value, etc. This is a more specific conversation one of our SMSF finance brokers will have with you.

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