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Needs Analysis & Risk Profile

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First we need to know what your monthly living expenses are for your household. A "household" cannot be more than 2 adults and includes expenses for any children living in the house.

Combined Household Living Expenses

Uber Eats, takeaway, Menulog, etc
Home contents, income, medical, vehicle, etc
Utilities, water & council rates, etc
Clothing, beauty, cleaning, etc
Internet, mobile, phone, etc
Petrol, registration, maintenance, etc
Tuition, uniforms, fees, books - *Not HECS
Childcare, child maintenance, etc
Utilities, water & council rates, maintenance, etc
Gym, meds, physio, dental, etc
Sports, hobbies, going out, streaming subscriptions
Flights, etc,
Total rent paid for the household
Non-profit giving, religious giving, etc
Any other misc ongoing expenses